Strong Foundation

Our roots go back to 2005 when we seized the opportunity to make education in Indonesia better. PT. Cipta Citra Persada was born, and soon start its business in providing a new level of education as well as skills training, and support for all aspects of the education industry.


Sekolah Cita Persada

Sekolah Cita Persada is a national school designed to cater children from Preschool to Grade 7. Our school prepares the students to meet the challenges of life and mold them into individuals of intelligence and character. Our teachers and staff are motivated to assist students to progressively accept more responsibility for self-discipline, to develop a love of learning and to strive for excellence. Visit us at


CORE Consulting

CORE Consulting is a dynamic Consulting Company that specialized in Early Childhood Education.  CORE Consulting is committed to provide quality Early Childhood Education services that are high interest and practical for teaching professionals, aspiring teachers and schools. Visit us at